Talking about additives?

The way to improve the properties and qualities of some polymers is the addition of certain materials that we will call additives, which give them a certain particularity according to their nature:

  • Carbon Fibers: consistency and thermal resistance, the most influential additive in a polymer
  • Fiberglass: termal resistance, flexibility
  • Aramid fibers (Kevlar): basis of bulletproof vests, high resistance to shocks and impacts
  • Ceramic: rigidity and hardness, cons it is abrasive
  • Mica flakes: electrical insulating and high hardness
  • Basalt: high thermal conduction, electrical insulator
  • Carbon nanotubes: electrical conductivity
  • Graphene: in its oxide form with antimicrobial power and also in nanotubes
  • other polymers, for example ABS+PC, in specific proportions: mix their qualities
  • Metal: rigidity, thermal resistance

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