FDM production with carbon fiber and other engineering grade materials

We make your prototypes and industrial end-use parts through additive fusion (3D print) with special materials


Since 1995

Twenty-eight years ago, we started printing over polycarbonate optical discs until we specialized in thermal offset printing. That has given us valuable experience in FDM production thanks to the use of robotics in PP PVC printing and packaging processes.

In 2016 the FDM additive printing becomes our next future bet. This first contact then directed us to specialization in that line with equipment focused on special materials.

  • Engineering Grade Materials with innovative additives
  • Multiple Extruders: second generation, specific and experimental
  • Soluble support materials to solve complex designs
  • Actively heated chambers , filtered and isolated from the environment

Our engineering grade materials

Starting from a base polymer, modified with additives, with specific characteristics to confer specific qualities. These are the most common:

Nylon CF

Nylon is a polyamide that in its carbon fiber with version it makes the most thermal resistant.


With excellent finish and detail, now an easy material in FDM thanks to 2nd gen. extruders and controlled atmosphere.


Now with carbon fiber, it makes a rigid and heat-resistant material, highly appreciated in the automotive industry.


It is perfect for end-use parts and combined with other polymers (ABS) giving it high hardness and transparency.


When climatic conditions (UV and humidity) become a fundamental and determining factor.


Allowed flexibility and chemical resistance pushed to the limit, where necessary, for this elastomer.

our work


In addition to providing solutions to your needs, at the same time we follow improving and innovating thanks to FDM, to respond to new technological challenges with new materials

External productions

  • Engineering design
  • Materials analysis
  • Prototypes
  • End-use parts
  • Special materials


  • R + D
  • Materials substitution
  • New markets
  • On-demand production
  • Just-in-time supply

What Clients Say About Us

Engineering, production and maintenance share their concerns:

«Working with prototypes that are truly End-use functional parts has radically reduced production times»

Albert J.

Engineer Designer

«Being able to replace elements and customize them for different boats has opened up an unexplored market for us»

Helena C.

Recreational Sailing

«We can evaluate the aggressive environments response of different working materials and choose the best»

Silvia B.

Process Engineer


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