our work


In addition to providing solutions to your needs, at the same time we follow improving and innovating thanks to FDM, to respond to new technological challenges with new materials

Why us?

Because we have certified engineering-grade composites from the main manufacturers, which can perfectly replace metal parts with lighter and more economical polymer parts.

Because during production we use VECTtm technology chambers of up to 110ºC and extrusion temperatures of up to 300ºC in double extruder machines, interchangeable and upgradeable, designed for the use of abrasive products.

Our maximum production volume per piece is 190 x 190 x 190mm, but with assembled designs we can reach the volume you need. When printing with two polymers and when printing parts for sintering in metal, this volume is reduced

FDM resolution between 400 and 20 microns.

Spool dehydration chambers and support materials cleaning tanks with controlled and thermoregulated agitation of in-house production. We also have a chamber for "annealing" parts.

We adjust your budget thanks to RFID materials and advanced software for the most precise slice.

We can advise you on engineering materials for an appropriate choice and construction improvements. Our team is FDM machinery operation certified.

External productions

  • Engineering design
  • Materials analysis
  • Prototypes
  • End-use parts
  • Special materials


  • R + D
  • Materials substitution
  • New markets
  • On-demand production
  • Just-in-time supply